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Burn and Scald Prevention

Safe Practices

  • A three foot "child-free zone" should be established around cooking areas such as the stove, oven, and grill. Hot liquids or food should be placed in the center of the table or the back of the counter.

  • Use the back burner on the stove and keep pot handles turned away from the edge.

  • Use pot holders or oven mitts, be careful if the mitt is wet as the mixture of the heat and moisture can cause scalds.

  • Install safety gates and barriers to block off access to the stove and oven.

  • Unplug and safely store irons, flatirons, other appliances that are hot to the touch.

  • It is important to teach children that hot things can burn. Children should always be supervised when near a bathtub or faucet. Test the water before getting in or placing child in the bath.

  • Teach kids to never play with matches, lighters, and fireworks.

"Hot, Not Hot, or Sometimes Hot"

 NFPA Kid's

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