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Farm Fire and Barn Fire Safety

Maryland is located perfectly between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountain range. The mix of terrain allows for vast agricultural opportunities. Farm and barns are plentiful throughout our Great State. Let's learn how to keep them safe!

  • Keep heat lamps and space heaters a safe distance (at least 3 feet) from anything that can burn.

  • Make sure you use space heaters with an automatic shut off and turn off space heaters when not in use. 

  • Keep heaters on a sturdy surface to avoid them tipping over.

  • Inspect all electrical wiring regularly for damage. Replace damaged wires when found.

  • Do not use extension cords within the barn.

  • Make sure all light-bulbs have covers to protect them from water, dust, dirt, and breakage.

  • It is important to maintain cleanliness in the barn. Remove all cobwebs, excess dirt, and dust that can easily catch and help fuel fire.

  • Keep all chemicals and oily rags in an outside approved metal storage  container and not within barn itself

  • Feed, hay, and straw should be stored away from the main barn as well. In certain conditions, these items may spontaneously combust.

  • Make the barn a smoke free zone. Careless disposal of smoking materials can easily ignite barn causing a large fire.

  • Ensure that exits are clearly marked and pathways of exit are clear.

  • Have an escape plan for all people and animals, practice escape plan and make sure everyone is aware of what to do.

  • Have and train all barn workers on the proper use of a fire extingusher.

  • Have a separate barn for farm vehicles.

  • Have ABC Fire extinguishers at every exit and within 50 feet of each other inside the barn.

  • Have and install fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and carbon monoxide systems.

  • Have a safe way for the fire department and emergency personnel to have access to the barn in an emergency.

  • Avoid using silos for feed and corn. The heat and certain conditions can cause a spontaneous combustion resulting in a very dangerous fire.

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