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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can save lives and property when used correctly to put out small fires. If the fire is in a confined area and is small enough that the extinguisher can put it out, follow these simple steps to the acronym PASS:

There are several different types of fire extinguishers:

Class A: flammable objects such as plastics, wood, cloth

Class B: flammable liquids such as oil or gasoline

Class C: Electrical equipment such as appliances, cords, wires, etc.

Class D: Exotic metals such as magnesium 

Class K: specific for kitchen fires

Only use a fire extinguisher when.....

  • the fire is small and contained for example a small wastebasket

  • not growing

  • the room is not filled with smoke

  • the fire is not blocking an exit

  • 911 has already been called

  • everyone is safely out of the building

Install fire extinguishers close to exits. 

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